About Huaan Machinery

Based in China, Huaan Machinery is a specialized manufacturer of hot melt adhesive coating and laminating machines. We export our products to more than 30 countries and areas around the world. As a complete solutions provider, we can satisfy any of your demands on hot melt coating and laminating machines, whether they are machines for hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives with low viscosity, or machines for thermoplastic materials with high viscosity.

Our hot melt adhesive coaters and laminators are widely used in a variety of industries, including filter, nonwoven, automobile, packaging, medical dressings, shoe material, garment making, label making, waterproof and anticorrosive materials, etc.

Deputy General Manager: Welcome to Huaan Machinery! Customers are our priority, and we endeavour to achieve customer satisfaction. Your opinions and suggestions are more than welcome. Please do not hesitate to share them with us!